The Best-Sellers - Mood Collection


Sometimes, you want to stick with the classics. Want to know our best-sellers and stock accordingly? 

Our newest collection is a real show-stopper. The Mood Collection uses the science of scent to make your day just a little better. Can a candle really help you focus when you need it most? Science says "yes". Scents can easily hack into the part of your brain responsible for your moods, emotions and memories, so why not harness that power to your benefit?

Stock your shelves with the real MVP's of the Mood Collection:

Mood Collection Best-Sellers Package
12/ea Happy candles
12/ea Calm candles
$315 (6% savings)

Since the Mood Collection only has four fragrances, picking best-sellers isn't hard. If you're more drawn to Focus and Awake, we'll happily swap them out. All four fragrances are lovely and wonderful - we're just giving you the cold, hard facts here on what sells best. Follow your gut!