Not only do the products smell amazing, but they sell better than any other candles we’ve carried.
— Julia, Mezona Market

Absolutely one of my favorite candle brands that delivers top notch quality, minimalist style and functionality! Their aesthetic can match any room of the house and serves as a greater storage vessel after the candle is gone. Cannot get enough of Standard Wax!
— Alesia, George Marys

We love Standard Wax because their candles elevate the everyday, which is the experience our brand strives to accomplish within our shop.
— Ana, Urbana

The scent selection is extensive, yet well-edited - you really can mix and match. There’s always a new level to discover in the fragrances. Nearly everyone of our customers asks; ‘what smells so good in here?’
— Joe, Tend Greenpoint
I love the personal connection you get when working with Standard Wax. The product design and quick turnaround time make them truly stand out among other small businesses.
— Kirsten, Gather Home + Lifestyle

Sam and her team are such a pleasure to work with. It feels great to carry high quality, thoughtful products from lovely people.
— Brooke, Schoolhouse Electric