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What's flying off of shelves right now? Stay up-to-date on our best-sellers across all collections and products and make sure you're always stocked up.

Adding value

Quick and easy tips + tricks for helping your customers see the value in Standard Wax. Read up and you'll be selling more in no time flat!

wholesale blog

From repurposing tutorials to cocktail recipes to our favorite books, dive into the world of Standard Wax and help you customers see the true value in our products. 


Tradeshow Schedule

We'd love to meet you! Find us out in the wild on your next buying trip:
Atlanta: AmericasMart | July 10-16 | Booth # TBD
New York: NYNOW | August 12-15 | Booth # TBD 


Signature Collection

The signature collection is where it all started. Our classic lineup of candles, reed diffusers and room sprays that look right at home on any shelf. Available in eleven year-round fragrances and six signature colors, there's something for everyone.


Mood Collection

Infused with a blend of pure essential oils and fragrance oils, the Mood Collection uses the science of scent to make your day just a little better. Can a candle really help you focus, chill out or stay awake when you need it most? Science says "yes". Scents can easily hack into the part of your brain responsible for your moods, emotions and memories, so why not harness that power to your benefit?


Private Label

Your brand deserves to be everywhere, including on a candle. Let us help you develop a line of private labeled products for your retail store, client gifts, weddings, and more. It's a known fact that shoppers are constantly looking for something new; something they can't find anywhere else. Stand out from the crowd with a custom product made just for you.


Let us help you.

The best part of working with us: you don't have to do it alone. We're here to help you move product, show you the best ways to merchandise, give you tips on what makes our products so amazing, and answer any other questions that pop into your head. Send a quick note and we'll get back to you oh-so-soon.